Free PD: Attracting All Learners to STEM Using Culturally Based Pedagogy
10/14/2022 - 10/15/2022
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Event Description
On Friday, October 14 and October 15, 2022, the Smithsonian Science Education Center is offering a free online professional learning opportunity entitled, Attracting All Learners to STEM Using Culturally Based Pedagogy. Click here to register.
About the Professional Learning Opportunity 
During this professional development participants will receive an overview of culturally relevant, responsive, and sustaining pedagogies as theoretical frameworks that can be integrated into STEM classrooms. Participants will have the opportunity to hear from educators and community partners who can speak about the positive impact of using culturally based practices.  Participants will finally spend time contextualizing their learnings to develop a SMART goal focused on improving their STEM instruction, before networking with field experts and researchers to collect resources and gain support for their ideas. 
Workshop Objectives: 
Learn about the fundamentals of culturally based practices. 
Observe how educators use culturally based practices in preK-12 STEM classrooms. 
Contextualize learning and network to support implementation of culturally based strategies in your own STEM instruction and classroom activities. 
Friday, October 14 
1 pm – 5:30 pm Eastern 
Review the fundamentals of culturally relevant, responsive, and sustaining pedagogies, as well as conceptual frameworks that lend themselves to these theories of instruction. Then learn about the benefits of each approach and how educators use them to enrich learning in their STEM classrooms.  
Saturday, October 15 
10 am– 4:30 pm Eastern 
Learn about the innovative, yet practical, ways that K-12 STEM educators create meaningful experiences that allow students to identify with their learning. Then spend time identifying one area of growth to improve your personal practice and develop a goal to improve. Finally, network to gain resources, ideas and support from educators and community partners who can help you integrate culturally based pedagogies into your classroom and STEM activities. 
For questions about this program, please contact Sherrell Lewis, 

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