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UK Sky Talk


The University of Kentucky Department of Physics and Astronomy is pleased to welcome the public to our astronomical observatory. Part of our program of public outreach is a presentation on an interesting topic in astronomy followed by a visit to the observatory.  The Kentucky SkyTalk is held on the second Thursday of each month.  A 50 minute program on astronomy will begin at 7:00 PM in Room 155 of the Chemistry-Physics Building. After the presentation, you are invited to view the sky through our 20-inch telescope, weather permitting. (Note that the starting time changes in the spring and fall.)

Free parking is available on the top floor of parking structure #2, (see special note at top), next to the observatory. With the exception of paid parking, without a valid parking permit, leaving your vehicle somewhere other than the parking structure at the observatory will result in a parking citation.
All are welcome and there is no charge. Tell your neighbors. Bring your kids.
Weather Caveat: If the university closes for a weather emergency, the SkyTalk will be postponed and the observatory will not be open.

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UK Chemistry-Physics Building Room 155